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At The Quiet Space, we know from personal experience that the first step, choosing to get help, can often be the hardest. You’ve done it though, your first step, and it is a demonstration of your strength and determination that life is going to be different… it really is a great start.

The Quiet Space therapists are different to other therapists, unique in the way we deliver therapy. We work from a therapy room based at Woodend creative space in Scarborough, next to greenery and the sea, a place you can revisit outside of the therapy hour.

We’re different…

When you come for therapy at the quiet space you become part of something so much bigger than a therapy hour. We are an organisation that wants to change how therapy is delivered, not just using an office setting but taking therapy to a nature setting, to a relaxing location that you can revisit outside of the therapy hour in order to process and reflect. Why is this important? Therapy doesn’t just take place within the therapy hour. The change takes place largely within your own process of reflection and we want to help facilitate that process by providing you with the best setting to be able to process and reflect effectively. During your time with us we will not only listen in the way you need but will give you an insight into how nature can influence therapeutic change, show you the neuroscience of what’s going on in your mind and body and how these can be changed through very simple self-help practices that restructure the brain, creating a healthier mind and body… and at the same we time may just influence how you view life and happiness going forward.

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